Asking Price: $444,377.00​




Floor Area: 121m2

Land Area: 584m2

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on point with Belmont in pegasus​

Use your Kiwisaver and Home Grant loan and get yourself on the property market today with this little beauty.

At this price, owning your own slice of New Zealand is more a reality than a dream.

This plan sits perfectly on the site for orientation to the sun, creating a lovely outdoor living area and a warm and sunny living space in the cooler months.

Our superior consultants are able to modify the plan, add your requirements, and change the layout if your wish list warrants.

Call Danny today on 021 241 2559, and lets get this house built!

This House and Land price includes house, land, fencing, landscaping, letter box, clothesline, driveways and crossing. The design and illustration of this plan has a copyright on it and is the property of Bainbridge Homes and may not be copied or reproduced in whole or part without written consent.

Bainbridge | Homes for Life